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Pastor's Page

Dr. Charles Ross & Tendra Rowland 

• BA, Rhodes College, 1970  
• ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983 
• DMin, Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005
• Teach the Word !• 
1 Timothy 4:1 Psalm 119:105

 I have been privileged to serve as pastor of Oceanside Community Church for the past fifteen years.  During that time we have been greatly blessed as well as significantly challenged by God.  As we were preparing to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2007 by putting a new roof on the sanctuary, we discovered major damage to our trusses from powder-post beetles, and our sanctuary was condemned.  As a result we held our anniversary celebration worship service in a tent in the parking lot.  

The next year and a half proved to be a major test of our faith and commitment as we prayerfully decided to do the impossible...rebuild our church.  Today, almost four years later, we are still here proclaiming the gospel of God's free grace towards us in His Son Jesus Christ -- an almost miraculous tribute to the faithfulness of God and His people.

Another major milestone in the history of Oceanside Church occured in 2011 when the church felt led of God to change our denominational affiliation and to join with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) fellowship of churches.  This was a major decision point for our church given our fifty-year history with the EFCA.

There are several reasons for this change, but probably the single factor that most influenced the almost unanimous acceptance of this change in our denominational affiliation was the Southern Baptist group, Alabama Campers on Mission, that came to our rescue in 2007 when our sanctuary was condemned due to structural damage to the trusses by powder post beetles. Our church would probably not even be in existence today without their timely assistance, and the bond that was forged during that critical period has grown even stronger over the past three years. Our request to affiliate with the Brevard Baptist Association (BBA) of the Southern Baptist Convention was formally approved at a meeting of the BBA Executive Committee on March 31, 2011, when we were accepted into their fellowship.  We are excited about this new direction for our church.